"David lays out a compelling description of the journey to personal empowerment.”  – Warren Walker PhD.
Free Book: Living in The Pause
Life After Addiction, Divorce, and Business Loss
What Is This Book About?
"This book explains how we can rebuild our self esteem even while dealing with some extremely challenging life situations.  Often times, we don't even know that we have a damaged self esteem and that it is manifesting itself in so many areas of our lives. It goes deep and it's much easier to ignore, stuff, numb, or run away from the pain.  But the pain is a catalyst for growth, although hard to notice when are IN IT!  It's not easy to 'face the demons' that we've created but it is more than worth it.  In the dark night of the soul, we CAN find our Truth.  And the real Truth... we are Amazing, Beautiful, and Unlimited. We were born that way. We just have to 'Remember' how much power we have been gifted.  I pray that you enjoy this story of transformation as you re-member what's possible, no matter how dark life may have become."
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"Okay – finished your amazing book.! I loved it – so many “light-bulb”, “ah-hah” moments for me and thoughts of me and others throughout your own story. Wow!! So much humility and honesty in the voice of your writing that will give your readers validation through their own journey. Loved it! You Rock!!!"
- Staci
"If you want to see what it takes to go from living unconsciously to consciously, from unaware to aware, then read David's book. It will help you see what you need to do to create a personal transformation. David has taken this journey and the results speak for themselves."
- Allen Berger, PhD.
"With Scrupulous self-disclosure and a deft spiritual inflection, David lays out a compelling description of the journey to personal empowerment."
- Warren Walker, PhD.
“I can’t stop reading this book!! I am glad that I still have to sit and relax after my surgery! I have an excuse to read it without stopping!” – Brandi L.
"We can rebuild our self esteem and begin living from the inside out... in Peace"
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for; Perception is Paramount
  • Balance of the Four Body Systems (Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual); Pause when agitated or doubtful
  • We can change Limiting Beliefs; Getting honest with ourselves is the first step in personal transformation
  • Our self-esteem is Vital; We are all worthy and valuable human beings, amazing and unlimited.
  • Developing new, healthy habits will change everything in our world; Our belief in ourselves, not dependent on outside stimuli, is the real Truth that changes us
  • We are all connected; The power of connection is powerful and we are unaware of the 'collective consciousness that 'Just Is'
  • If we want to be 'available' to be loved, we must first love ourselves... but even deeper, we must Believe that we are worthy of being loved.
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